A vida é mais que um cheeseburguer

Correr uma maratona e, a seguir, passar nove horas num avião é capaz de não ser grande ideia. Mas.. quem faria isso? O Casey Neistat, claro. O resultado é que, agora, não pode correr, mas, ainda assim, ele não pára. Continua super activo e super interessante, claro.

Algumas das coisas que ele diz (sempre cheio de certezas) e que me  dão vontade de tirar o rabo do sofá:

“If you’re fit now, take advantage of it. If you have a free hour, take advantage of it. If you have an idea now, take advantage of it. All those things are fleeting and all those things are temporary. My biggest motivator to any question is: ‘because I can’. Why run now? Why make something now? Life gets a little bit shorter every day. I feel an obligation to cram in as much as what’s humanly possible.”

“Your brain is so valuable and without your body it’s limited. That’s a really scary prospect for me. I really value my body. Not to the point that I won’t take risks. If I can never walk again because the chute didn’t open, that’s fine. But to never run again because I ate too many potato chips? That’s not okay.”

“I don’t feel responsible, no. It’s more a personal frustration. As human beings we’re capable of doing so much and to curb that for something like sugar water or a cheeseburger – it’s a crime. That’s extreme but just look at the numbers in the States. We won’t have enough physically eligible men to fill our quota for the military because they’re all too fat. That’s not hyperbole. It’s unequivocal fact. More people die from obesity related diseases than starvation. Those things scare the shit out of me. Indulgence until the point of sabotage is completely unnecessary.”

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Quem por aqui costuma andar já sabe da minha paixão pela coolness do Casey. Quem não costuma, pode confirmá-lo aqui, aqui e aqui também.

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